• Publishing with Open Research Europe

  • Start: Tuesday, 21 March 13:00
    End: Tuesday, 21 March 14:00
  • Universidad CarlosIII de Madrid, Edificio Juan Benet
  • Sala: 7.1.J07.  Acceso gratuito hasta completar aforo.

    We invite you to an in-person session to learn about Open Research Europe (ORE), the European Commission’s open access publishing platform that provides all Horizon Europe, Horizon 2020, Euratom & COST Actions-funded researchers with a high-quality venue to publish their results with ease. To date, we have over 300 publications on the platform and many successful article collections that are advised by leading experts in their respective fields.

    Some of the key benefits of publishing with ORE include:

    • no cost for the authors to publish
    • rapid open access publication of multi-disciplinary research 
    • transparent post-publication peer review by invited experts 
    • a wide range of article types are acceptable for publishing such as research & review
    • articles, data notes, method articles, software tools and many more
    • inclusion of all source materials and data to help drive the open research ethos 

    In this session, we invite attendees to learn about the unique publishing model utilized on ORE, how to benefit from our post-publication open peer review and how to participate in open research.

    Speaker: Georgina Durowoju