• Introduction to Design Thinking

  • Start: Wednesday, 04 March 16:00
    End: Wednesday, 04 March 17:00
  • Biblioteca de la Escuela Politécnica Superior, Leganés
  • MakerSpace UC3M

    Schedule: 16:00 -17:00


    How can you design user-centered products, services or solutions in a creative way? Duringthis seminar, Mana Taheri and Karen von Schmieden from the Hasso PlattnerInstitute in Potsdam, Germany will introduce you to the methods and mindset ofdesign thinking and explain its relevance for organizations. Companies such as IBM or SAP apply design thinking to tackle complex problems with auser-centered perspective. 



    Mana Taheri y Karen von Schmieden,
    School of Design Thinking, Hasso-Plattner-Institut, Potsdam, Germany.
    Mana Taheri is a PhD candidate in the HPI-Stanford Design Thinking Research Program and a MOOC instructional designer. In her thesis she explores the impact of cultural context on Design Thinking education. She has been part of the teaching team at the HPI School of Design Thinking since 2014. Mana has over five years of experience in creating and leading learning experiences in various international settings, from Havana, to New York, and to Tehran. She is also an illustrator and a graphic recorder, and she teaches organizations how to convey ideas using simple visualizations. 
    Karen von Schmieden is a PhD candidate in the HPI-Stanford Design Thinking Research Program where she explores ways of conveying design thinking skills in digital learning. She is a curator and editor of ThisIsDesignThinking.net and a journalist. As an alumna of the HPI School of Design Thinking, where she created human-centered solutions in projects for Charité Berlin and the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, she facilitates design thinking workshops for international organizations.
    Free entrance