• Sustainable Entrepreneurship

  • Start: Wednesday, 20 September 16:30
    End: Wednesday, 20 September 17:30
  • Universidad Carlos III de Madrid: Parque Científico Online
  • Online, 20th September, 16:30h

    YUFE activity. Any UC3M student can join this activities.


    YUFE Talk Show: Sustainable Entrepreneurship


    The startup Heatrix is looking to replace fossil fuels in energy-intensive industries by converting renewable energy into storable, high-temperature heat. The Heatrix system combines an electric heater, utilizing off-grid solar or wind electricity, with a thermal energy storage to provide temperatures of up to 1500 °C. Heatrix has the potential to decarbonize the majority of high emission industries.


    Speaker: Wei Wu

    Wei Wu has been working in the renewable energy field for about 14 years and has a deep understanding of energy technologies and the energy market. She holds a PhD in engineering and has already co-founded and successfully sold a deep tech startup. Wei is responsible for strategic direction and operations at Heatrix.